May 24, 2011

Hants V Surrey Activity Day - 22/5/11

We all like to see how our car would perform on the track and take it closer to its limits than the roads will allow, so it was decided an activity day at North Weald (with a certain Mr Walsh - thank you carlimits) was in order with a nice little twist being the competition between two regions of SELOC.

Then...... purely i believe to make people look silly, our ultimate-organisers 'GingerS1' and 'Pinkie' made it fancy dress for all involved which caused some interesting looks throughout the day - especially lunchtime at the pub!!

The day itself started in true SELOC fashion with each and every arrival at the airfield being greeted with applause and much laughter for individual coastumes - thanks to various people here's just a couple to give you an idea....

Once everyone had made their grand entrance we had the all important briefing to make sure we all knew what we should and shouldn't be doing throughout the day.

With the 'official' stuff covered it was on to the 'high speed bend' a very useful start to the day getting a few spins in early on and brings most self confessed super-drivers down to earth with a bit of a bump - from memory the highest speed recorded (and controlled) was a very respectable 81mph by Tim Baker with Fatwomble close behind at 80mph.

We then split into our two regions (with some outsiders on both teams) to tackle the seperate layouts at either end of the airfield (keeping us all well away from each other) with times being recorded on both by volunteers giving up their own track time.

At around 12pm we all re-grouped and headed to the pub for an interesting reception - it still amazes me how the barmaid didn't 'get it' when Bugs Bunny asked for a pint of carrot juice!!

So after a nice bit of grub and a dash to the local petrol station for a few individuals it was back to the airfield for the afternoon....

Once again splitting into our two regions we had a little more time on the two seperate tracks with the option to try which ever you preferred after a while. Walshy then arranged his little cones to form a larger course incorporating both of the smaller courses as well as the high speed bend thrown into the mix, which, while it meant a slightly longer wait also meant a fresh challenge for most involved.

Now if you've read this far you must be desperate to know the overall result of the day and which region came out on top in this battle between Surrey and Hampshire.......

Was it even in doubt????

HAMPSHIRE stand victorious with the help of mighty fine driving from Gibney (in his pimp suit) setting fastest times on both of the smaller tracks to the point where if someone got close to his time he seemed to just go out and improve his time!!

Overall a brilliant day had by all and a good way to catch up and meet a few new faces at the same time. Once again a big thank you to our RL's for organising, as well as the volunteers throughout the day time keeping.

If anyone is reading this and has any questions about 'activity days' or 'driver training days' i'm sure 'Walshy' or anyone else in the carlimits team would be more than happy to help and they have venues at various points throughout the country. contact

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February 23, 2010

Odiham Track Day - 21/02/10

The first 'local' track day event of 2010 seemed to go very well with Hampshire and friends all warming their tyres and endeavouring to dry the slightly damp track.

The heavens were threatening to open during most of the day with the odd shower of rain every hour or so - but only enough to keep some standing water on the odd corner and the length of the straight (proving for some 'interesting' testing of the elise windscreen wiper under braking nearing the first corner of the track for most drivers).

Throughout the day there were some definite highs and lows - Lets start with the Dodge Viper and the VW Polo. In my opinion two of the cars of the day, the Viper not meeting anyones expectations and the Polo proving how to get the best 'bang for your buck'. I think most people overtook the Viper very pleased with themselves only to notice the Polo do the same in their rear view mirror!!

There were also some very impressive cars enjoying the conditions, There was a Porsche taking advantage of the standing water when and where possible to drift around most corners sideways with the sound of screeching tyres beckoning his arrival. A Nissan Skyline nicknamed 'Godzilla' due to its number plate also jumps to mind as it was very quick on the straight (as expected) but also seemed to cope suprisingly well in the corners - meaning it spent any time it was behind you filling the majority of your mirrors.

We also learnt some news with regards Beak's car - its not quick enough for him yet, the supercharger might sound nice but he really doesn't like being overtaken on the straight (Fatwomble), whilst mentioning FW it must be said that the ducktape on his car is only due to his drivers side wing mirror having intentions to leave his vehicle at certain speeds. Is that a common S1 issue?? i hear you ask - no but it may have something to do with his reputation as a cone-killer, who knows!!

I would go into further detail about Fatwomble's cone-killing antics but i am worried Beak may read this and have to re-live the whole terrifying ordeal - poor chap. Possibly a story for a pub meet sometime (if you've not been to one before that alone is a good enough reason to give one a try!!)

Being totally honest i must say that i forgot to take my camera so as and when possible i will add pictures and credit will be given to the photographer for doing my job :)

All in all a good day was had by all involved with a lot of confidence built and experience gained. i'm sure the drives home for some were quite enthusiastic though. whilst obviously staying below the speed limits on the roads involved!!

King SuPah

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