March 01, 2016

Welcome to the Central Southern region of SELOC

This blog aims to keep a rough record of events for the Central Southern region and a few photo's and fun descriptions of some of our favourite events.

Please check the forums here for further details on events.

If you're new to Lotus ownership or have not been to a meet before then why not give it a go! New members are always welcome, we are all very friendly and you can be sure of a warm welcome, an enjoyable time and plenty of laughs too!

If you would like more information on the Central Southern region, have queries on any of the events listed above or would like to put forward idea for an event please e-mail your Regional Liaison volunteers at

We hope to see you at an event soon!

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May 19, 2011

Regional Meet - May 2011

Regional meets take place every month at various venues throughout our region and its always nice to catch up with familiar faces and hopefully at times some new faces too!!

Last nights meet was no exception - held at the Alice Lyle pub just outside of Ringwood, the only thing that let us all down was the weather (the threat of rain and a chill in the air).

Organised by one of our Regional Liason (RL) super hero's 'Pinkie' it was a great choice of venue, with a large car park and the food was great. The pub gave us a nice seating area which we filled with a good turnout.

Good to see a couple of new owners joining the crowd - see we're not THAT scary!! but as usual I for one did not get the opportunity to speak with everyone that was there. Although it seemed a good time was being had by all with varied conversations and laughter throughout the night.

Managed to get a couple of pictures of the Loti in the car park (as the light was fading, apologies for the quality) - and yes the BMW shaped Loti was owned and driven by our other RL 'Mr Pink' But no photo's of the members in attendance.

As mentioned the monthly meets are varied in location and day of the week to try to make them as accessible to as many members as possible but if you have a request for an area that may have been missed- feel free to post in the region's forum and i'm sure an RL will do their best to accomodate.

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January 05, 2010

Hampshire Activity List 2010

As usual the New Year has started slowly with everyone just getting to grips with having to work for a living but the meet's and runs are starting to be planned for the coming year!!

This list will (hopefully) be a good list of all of the event's / runs / meets that have taken place or will be taking place in 2010 - ideally updated as soon as an event is created.

If you're reading this having not been to a meet before and you can see one you quite fancy - give it a bash!! come and meet the Hampshire faces, they're all very friendly and you're guaranteed a nice reception, a good time and a good few laughs thrown in as well.

Tuesday 12th = Regular Region Meet (Hen & Chicken Pub - GU34 4JH)
Tuesday 9th = Regular Region Meet (Farmers Home - SO32 2BT)
Sunday 21st = Track Day at RAF Odiham
Wednesday 10th = Regular Region Meet (The Mayfly - SO20 6AX)
Tuesday 13th = Regular Region Meet (The Fox - RG25 2BE)
Wednesday 12th = Regular Region Meet (Lord Derby Inn - RG29 1HD)
Thursday 13th = Ypres Lotus TourRun (Belgium)
Friday 14th = Burt n Bob's Cloggy Bash (weekend event) (Netherlands)
Wednesday 9th = Regular Region Meet (Cricketers Arms - SO53 3HN)
Friday 11th = Charity Event at Chipping Sodbury Football Club
Friday 18th = SeLOC at Snetterton (weekend event)
Sunday 20th = Elvetham Heath Car Show (GU51 1DB) free entry
Sunday 4th = Summer BBQ, food served 12-3 (Brickmakers Pub - GU20 6HT)
Tuesday 6th = Regular Region Meet (The Greyfriar - GU34 1SB)
Saturday 24th = Isle Of Wight Run
Tuesday 10th = Regular Region Meet (The Mayfly - SO20 6AX)
Wednesday 8th = Regular Region Meet (The Longbridge Mill - RG27 0DL)
Monday 11th = Regular Region Meet (Andybuk99's Suanthai Restaurant - SO51 8GY)
Wednesday 10th = Regular Region Meet (The Greyfriar - GU34 1SB)
Wednesday 8th = Christmas Region Meet (Wellington Arms - RG26 5LP) *booking required

Obviously it goes without saying that if you'd like more information on any of the meets or runs shown on the list above feel free to email one of our vey helpful Regional Liason volunteers at or visit the forum

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June 10, 2009

Regional Meet - Jun 09

Here's an idea.. if you set up a monthly meet, it would be helpful if people could find it. I would be even more helpful if you could find it.

And so we arrived 30 mins late, clutches (and clunges?) smoking, to our very own June meet. Next time I'll bring the sat nav, thanks Brody.

We had a very good turnout, as usual, for Hampshire, so it was good to see all the regular faces, even if one of those faces stole my fish.

We were also all very impressed with Subby's new S1 Exige with On/Off sticker.. something we think all Loti should have as standard, not to mention his Fleet Elite GB sticker... I hope someone got a picture of that.

But, of course, the big question on everyone's mind was... where was Mr Wiki ? Apparantly Basingstoke is a little too close to Fleet. Come back Mr Wiki, we love you.

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February 12, 2008

1st Hampshire Monthy meet!


Well it's been 3 years since this page was updated, so I thought I should put something on it.....

The first Hampshire monthly meet!

This will be held at The Happy Cheese at 8PM ish
On Tuesday the 12th of February.

It would help if you wore a Superman T-Shirt ;)


198 Lyndhurst Road,
SO40 7AR

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