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May 27, 2009

Five go mad in Dorset...

Notax invited Hampshire out to play on one of his club events (Bournemouth and District Car Club) , a Slalom at Blanford Army camp on the 10th May.

Assuming it would be just like an Activity day beak, brody and fatwomble joined notax and miss notax, full of confidence. However we were alerted to how serious the event was being taken when we spotted the regulars all walking the course. Once we received our route plans we realised why, . By now our confidence was ebbing somewhat. The need for Co Divers had been discussed, the notaxes were co driving for each other, brody had brought a friend and quasar had volunteered to pax for fatwomble, that just left a victim volunteer for beak. Luckily there were no trees close to the course and a very brave huey stepped up to the mark.

Code words were discussed and agreed for certain situations and a certain cone was named Eric.

We were given the advice that driving franticly with lots of tyre smoke isn't normally the quickest way. With that in mind most of us set off in a cloud of tyre smoke and continued in this fashion for the remainder of the day.

With 8 runs before lunch and a further 6 after there was plenty of action, over the day the relationship between driver and co driver evolved to the point when it was realised that the driver paid no attention unless the co driver was shouting.

I was sobering to see an old MG Midget putting in the same times as a Honda'd Elise, a little more practice needed our part I think.

The final scores show that consistency and care win out over the more exuberant style that some were trying.

Finals scores left miss notax as the first of the Lotus and 1st lady driver, brody came a credible 3rd , we won't mention the others.

The day ended on a sad note though when we realised that Eric had been run over RIP Eric :(.

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May 19, 2009

FleetLOC invades the Netherlands...

Much like '40 the Dutch stopped resisting within hours...

On the eve of Friday last week FleetLOC (minus 'I can go anytime I want because I'm retired' Colin M and 'I havent given you a good excuse why I've gone early' SC-009) set off for a grand journey across the water of the white cliffs, towards the Inn of Many Beers.

As we were driving up to the ferry terminal (and note, next year I'll be taking the tunnel, 2 hours on a boat each way is just not worth the £50 you save) an orange Evora pulled in behind us... much to our surprise...

We got to talking to the driver, Bert, during the trip and invited him to join us at Cloggy Bash 09. We then all non-voyed to Antwerp, in what is probably the first Elise/Evora non-voy in history. Go us. Bert very kindly showed up on Saturday afternoon and a number of us did pax rides in the car. I'm sure you can find a thread about it somewhere, if you really tried.

Despite the lateness of our arrival, we still managed a grand entrance, in proper Hampshire style...

..and sat down to the first of many, many, many beers. Big, cold, Dutch, yummy, golden beers. Hmmmmmm. Beer.

Saturday morning, at the crack of 10ish, started with breakfast, in local dress, to respect the culture of this fine, flat, land.

Unfortunately they weren't serving beer at breakfast, something I've been reliably informed will be corrected for next year. The afternoon's activity consisted of Brody and Porker getting ultra competitive, loads of cows and cow shit, Porker losing a Tag in a field, more cow shit, some balls, some clogs and cow shit. A good time was had by all, but mostly by the cows.

The evening can really only be told in the form of Hollywood style flash backs...

scary ice queen
ice cubes
missbrody on a bouncy castle
missbrody not on a bouncy castle?
tattoos on foreheads
thoughts about scary ice queen
some orange drink the cute bar maid served me
the cute bar maid
long giraffe shaped float
Ralf almost getting into a fist fight with Julie

Sunday. Something about driving home. Not sure, its all a bit vague.

See you next year !! Beak.

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