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March 23, 2009

The Fleetloc Fun Weekend!

Ah, Monday. The day after all the fun has been had.

We had an awesome weekend. It started Friday night with beer and curry. Much drinking was done by most, with some (whom shall remain nameless, but is best known for their love of watersports) managing to pull the local bar skank. Well done subaqua. Whoops.

Dragging our curried carcasses from bed on Saturday morning we managed to meet at 8 am (well, some of us did, Brody) at the FleetLOC rendezvous point for an excellent run to Loomies, roof off.. oh, and we had our first caravan overtake session of the year too. We're looking forward to many, many more of those. At no point did beak do any dangerous over taking, contrary to popular belief.

We then headed to BoT to be representin' or whatever it is that the young kids do these days. After standing around for an hour or so, listening to certain people complain that they were bored and needed to pee we slapped our new BoTLOC stickers on. Naturally we made sure not to put them on straight, so to best represent BoTLOC. Don't worry, manly, straight FleetLOC stickers are on their way. As soon as Brody has designed them. And had them printed. So, expect them soon. Late 2011. Apparantly BoTLOC are going to be offering logo'd t-shirts and tea cups. So we, at FleetLOC, will be offering logo'd wifebeaters and pint glasses. With beer in them. Grr.

We hopped back into the cars and moved on to B&C, where we spent considerable time drooling over, and poking, the new Evora.

First impressions here:

Sunday was an early start again, as we mosied on over to Virginia Waters, in a rather impressive convoy. Highlight of the show has to be the 'monster truck'...

Pics here...
http://www.pistonheads.co.uk/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=65&t=666600&mid=90310&nmt=Virginia%20Water%202009%20PICTURES%20 /%20VIDEO%27S

As for the rest of Sunday? Well apparantly it was mother's day, so we're going to petition the government to move that to a more convenient time, perhaps October, and not a nice sunny Sunday in March. Idiots.

As for whats coming up, other than the monthly meets (the next monthly meet will be annouced soon)...

More stuff might be happening in August, but I'm going on holiday, so sod you lot.

We will be organizing FleetLOC name stickers for your car, for a nominal fee. We used these last year, for the SelocFest and looked like this:

If you're interested drop us a u2u and let us know...

Don't forget to set your clocks forward on the 29th!

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March 11, 2009

The New, New Lotus Eco Elise

Concept art released by Fordos...

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