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November 13, 2008

The Activity Day

A write up of a recent activity day at North Weald, brought to you by Brody:

October 31st saw another Activity Day being held exclusively for SELOC members at North Weald Airfield under the watchful eye of Mr Walsh. The day started with various groups meeting up and planning a coordinated mid-route rendezvous, as you can imagine this did not happen. I met Mr Wiki at Fleet services, unfortunately I was dressed as Venom (Spiderman's evil alter-ego) which made filling up with petrol interesting to say the least! There was an element of fancy dress to the day with other notable costumes being GingerS1 in his work get up of camouflage and an AK47 (he tells me it was decommissioned but only after he'd pointed it at me) and Pinkie and Subaqua getting dressed up for the occasion in their best Burberry and tracksuit bottoms to fulfil their aim of appearing even more chav-like than normal, impressively they pulled it off.

Mr Wiki started the day with drama of his own, his boot lid was stuck (the latch, not the cable) which meant that for the first ten minutes Venom was wedging a number plate into the boot of a Lotus Elise trying to get it open. Admit it, you wish you were there. Having released the boot lid and retrieved Mr Wiki's tool kit (what good is that in a boot that gets stuck?), TomTom, stereo etc. we set off on our own little two man nonvoy up to North Weald. Having both thought that the other was taking it easy we made leisurely pace but arrived with plenty of time to spare, unfortunately given that airfields have a habit of being open and flat (resulting in the temperature being rather low) my Venom costume showed itself to be lacking in padding in the one area I most wanted (and some might say needed!) it, thankfully, after the debrief things heated up as the driving began.

The morning was made up of the High Speed corner which is essentially each driver approaching the main runway down a slip road and turning on to the runway as fast as they could without either spinning it or crossing the centre drain which was an imaginary wall. Doing Hampshire proud I was probably last however before you give me too much stick take a look at the photo of my rear tyres, slick would be an understatement and they were like that before I'd even started! Mr Wiki, Pinkie, Subaqua and GingerS1 to name but a few all had their fair share of spins and successes and fun was had by all.

Next up was lunch which should have been a simple affair, leave the airfield, drive to a local pub, eat and return. I wont comment too much except to say that some people went to the wrong pub and others went to the wrong pub via a dead end. Picture this, twenty odd Loti doing a three point turn down a dead end! Thankfully the majority of us made it to the correct pub in time to eat, drink and share stories of the morning's events. Oh and we sent a nice video message to Beak letting him know what he was missing as he was supposed to attend but a last minute meeting at work blocked his way!

The afternoon brought the most fun for me and I think others agreed, two circuits were set up and we all took it in turns to dodge cones (that's DODGE CONES Mr Wiki, not slide sideways into cones!) and complete a circuit as quickly as possible. This was far too much fun for it to be legal but I'm told it was all above board and as such it will have to be done again! Notable mention should go to Pinkie for her progressive improvement in timings resulting in a very good time (gotta be because she has a Supercharged and no other reason), GingerS1 for driving sideways everywhere both before a tyre change and afterwards (who'd have thought spinning on grass could be so much fun?), Subaqua for his wonder lap (where did he pull that one from, it was about 2 seconds quicker than his others I think!?) and of course I'm going to mention myself, having recorded the same time with every single effort, albeit a respectable one! The slick tyres that hampered me in the AM were working to my benefit in the PM as they made my car more than a little tale happy as the front tyres clung on, perfect for navigating your way around cones!

As daylight slowly faded away the activities drew to a close and we decided to have a little nonvoy home which resulted in us all getting split up yet again as a result of the traffic being horrendous down the M25 at 5:30 PM on a Friday (I can't understand why?). Thankfully my tyres survived the trip home, needless to say a big sigh of relief was breathed upon pulling into the garage! All in all it was a SUPERB day that has to be done by everyone, thanks to all for organising and participating, bring on the next one!

P.P.S. My Spiderman/Venom costume won me a free Activity Day next year, are you coming?!

Pinkie on the High Speed corner

GingerS1 on the High Speed corner

Subaqua on the High Speed corner

Me (Brody) on the afternoon circuit (outside)

Me (Brody) on the afternoon circuit again (inside)

Subaqua on the afternoon circuit

GingerS1 has some fun on the afternoon track!

Posted by Mr Wiki at November 13, 2008 11:57 PM