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November 07, 2008

Hampshire's Mini French Frolic

sc-009 and fatwomble joined 33 others for 2 days of track madness over the weekend of the 25th and 26th October at Folembray and Abbeville.

Having been split up by the revised times of the currently reduced service on the tunnel, Mike and I met up at the circuit on Saturday morning (Mike having driven straight from the train at silly O'Clock in the morning). Having been warned of the dangers of crashing into the house conveniently situated in the middle of the track we made our way out on circuit where it quickly became apparent that the superior power of Mike's car, plus his lighter weight components (and the fact that he must weight about 5 stone less than me) had him romping away on the long flat out almost straight bit.

Much fuel usage later (I only managed 90 miles on a full tank ) and it was time to head to Abbeville for an early night ready for the next days fun.

After a romantic meal with Mrs FW, we joined the large contingent of gentlemen from Scottish Elises and a certain Mr Walsh. It was clear (after my last time in Abbeville) that I was never going to keep up with them on the drinking front and therefore retired to bed at 11pm (the rest of them left the Motel at 1am and went into town, finishing at 4am).

Abbeville saw me fare a little better and early pressure saw Mike in the kitty litter

This was blamed on his tyre pressures

Mike and I didn't manage to perform the synchronised spinning we are famed for, having to settle for solo performances

As normal Lotus on Track excelled, a great weekend was had and the hardcore set off to Snetterton (mike) and then Oulton Park (the Scottish guys).

I think this will be the last trackday of the year for me, next year it would be good to see a few more Hampshire boys and girls out on track - now can anyone loan me the money for a Honda conversion?

Full Folembray Pictures can be seen here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/fatwomble/sets/72157608484257932/ and Abbeville here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/fatwomble/sets/72157608473618975/

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