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October 12, 2008

Like a rubber ball...

...He'll come bouncing back to you. In honour of Brody's RHG FleetLocers and friends went for a little drive out today - here's the report as typed by Beak's chubby little sausage fingers.

"To celebrate the successful de-head-gasket-failing of the Brodies a number of hardcore Fleet area Lotus enthusiasts dragged their carcasses out of bed at the o'dark hundred hour of 10 am on Sunday 12th.

Meeting in the fog, at the De Hav, we set off some considerable time later, after having established that no one had prepared a route. Thankfully TomTom has a nifty 'alternative route' button, which, combined with the usual FleetLOC warm up route and some 'make it up as we go along, driving' resulted in a nice, spirited, little Sunday drive.

The conditions weren't great, thanks to the fog and slippery roads, but beak still managed to get his top off.

No one else did. Wusses.

We made to Alton, where lunch was had in the Xmas dinner pub. Which is not the pub we thought it was. Which means its not the pub we had the meet at. Oh, and they have paid parking 24/7 too, the pikeys.

None of the Exiges had massive A048-in-the-wet issues. Andy n Chalie did manage to grind their splitter a couple of times and AlexHill regaled us all with tales of his underfloor heating, which runs on electricity, in case you cared to know. The group, however, was unanimous in their decision that seat heating is a must have option in your daily driver though. Oh yes, fun was had by all.

Brody is pleased to report that due to his new extensive warm up and warm down MissBrody is much less likely to suffer from any head failures in future.

Oh and the car was fine too.

Our route "

Beak also took some photos to evoke the spirit of the day:

A particularly dynamic image to start:

ColinM enjoys his half of ale...

The attendees looking happy...

Some Lotuses...

Brody's Engine bay, just in case like, you know, you're interesed.

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