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October 27, 2008

Stop, Collaborate and Listen...

So the FleetLoc Beer and Pizza evening was a sham, and many apologies to the people who signed up for it believing it to be real.

In honour of Colin's birthday Rosemary organised a surprise. Be at Colin's castle at 5.30pm sharp she said (Beak ignored this, of course) for a surprise event. We were bang on time, and credit where it's due Colin gave a very good attempt at pretending to be glad to see us.

We piled into the mini-bus, the driver of which had been sworn to secrecy, and we ended up going over to Tongham where Rosemary demonstrated that yes, a FleetLocer really can organise a piss-up in a brewery. The Hogs Back Brewery to be precise.

The tour took in the various stages of the brewing process, but all that really mattered was that we drank ale by the jug load and were horribly, uproariously drunk by the time we made it to Col's favourite Chinese restaurant.

After eating two plate loads of crispy duck, spilling red wine over Rosemary's dress, annoying all the other diners with our behaviour and Lyndsey having her picture taken with every available male we retired back to Colin's castle and listened to his Rap records. Oh, and he gave us an up close inspection of Glois.

Word to your mother.

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October 24, 2008

The Tramp Stamp....

So, ColinM's new car turns out to be the most roundly disliked car on Seloc; the Exige tastefully vinyled to look like a Sussex girls waistline.

Fortunately Colin is a man of taste (eh, Ro?) and has changed the appearance of the car to something a little more palatable, some even may go as far as to say desirable.

Our good friend beaky has put his sausage fingers to good use again and sent us this report of the run in honour of Colin's new car and birthday.

"The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!

FleetLOC and friends gathered last Saturday to welcome Colin M back to Lotus ownership (and something about his birthday, but nobody was too bothered) ! Mind you, he was only out of if for about 2 weeks, but still, any opportunity to stand around in the mutual appreciation society is welcome.

Little did we know he'd be burning our retinas out with his new steed. The colour, appropriately named Isotope, was hardly noticeable, in the way that nuclear explosions are 'a bit of a nuisance'. After we had all put in some eye drops we popped off for a little FleetLOC run, down Alton way. It would not be a proper FleetLOC run without losing someone, so Brody and Fatwomble took it upon themselves to fulfill that obligation. Do we have a new Captain Slow in the making ?

We ended the morning at Loomies, and ate like pikeys, at Colin's very generous expense. The car, as you can see from the pictures below, is absolutely stunning. Colin's not bad either. If you're into that sort of thing."



More photos can be found courtesy of the womble's flickr page:


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October 12, 2008

Like a rubber ball...

...He'll come bouncing back to you. In honour of Brody's RHG FleetLocers and friends went for a little drive out today - here's the report as typed by Beak's chubby little sausage fingers.

"To celebrate the successful de-head-gasket-failing of the Brodies a number of hardcore Fleet area Lotus enthusiasts dragged their carcasses out of bed at the o'dark hundred hour of 10 am on Sunday 12th.

Meeting in the fog, at the De Hav, we set off some considerable time later, after having established that no one had prepared a route. Thankfully TomTom has a nifty 'alternative route' button, which, combined with the usual FleetLOC warm up route and some 'make it up as we go along, driving' resulted in a nice, spirited, little Sunday drive.

The conditions weren't great, thanks to the fog and slippery roads, but beak still managed to get his top off.

No one else did. Wusses.

We made to Alton, where lunch was had in the Xmas dinner pub. Which is not the pub we thought it was. Which means its not the pub we had the meet at. Oh, and they have paid parking 24/7 too, the pikeys.

None of the Exiges had massive A048-in-the-wet issues. Andy n Chalie did manage to grind their splitter a couple of times and AlexHill regaled us all with tales of his underfloor heating, which runs on electricity, in case you cared to know. The group, however, was unanimous in their decision that seat heating is a must have option in your daily driver though. Oh yes, fun was had by all.

Brody is pleased to report that due to his new extensive warm up and warm down MissBrody is much less likely to suffer from any head failures in future.

Oh and the car was fine too.

Our route "

Beak also took some photos to evoke the spirit of the day:

A particularly dynamic image to start:

ColinM enjoys his half of ale...

The attendees looking happy...

Some Lotuses...

Brody's Engine bay, just in case like, you know, you're interesed.

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October 08, 2008

Good Morning Campers....

...is the cheerful refrain that would have greeted us of a morning had we been staying at Maplins. As Hamp-Fest was held at Roundhill campsite in the new forest we had to make do with the "Bzzzzzzzzzzip" of tent doors opening and the tinny hubbub of Quasars tranny radio that he'd "accidentally" left switched on and blaring out the world service all night (on the plus side, and quite aptly, ColinM is now quite the expert on the price of gold).

The turn out to this inaugral event was great. Even MrWiki put in an appearence, although his failure to stop at the campsite gate and pay his "day visitor" fee in one fell swoop ruined the reputation of Seloc amongst the New Forest Campsite Shutzstaffel. The campsite Kommandant made her feelings abundently clear on the matter, pretty much to anyone who would listen and even to those who patently didn't care.

Friday evening saw most people arrive (the wombles and their non lotus owning friends, the colins, the fleetelises, quasar and special guests the Wikis) and after pitching the tents, a couple of pleasant hours were spent chewing the fat (both literally and metaphorically) around the BBQ, before we received a visit from the friendly local fire warden. Thankfully we were burning coal and not wood, else there would have been much trouble.

Such a clear night was perfect for Quasar to educate the rest of us about the stars above us. We spent some time contemplating the vastness of space, and how the human race pales into insignificance when viewed on the stellar length scale - then we snapped out of it and got on with the job in hand - getting pissed! People may claim that I was "merry" enough to fall off my chair, but the simple fact of the matter is that I'm a biffa. Time for a diet perhaps? Or maybe I'll just treat myself to a reinforced chair for next year.

Saturday's weather was fine, and it saw RoCo head off on bicycle ride, fleetelise +1 went to Bournemouth and happened across a Harley meet, whilst the others mooched around the campsite. The young boys in attendance spent much of their time wittling tools with which to hatch their escape.

As is the custom at gatherings the non-lotuse fared the worst. ColinMs Saab decided to flatten it's battery overnight due to a faulty boot switch. Luckily, Quasars very ill sounding and smokey Saab came to the rescue.

A local horse decided to pay a visit to RoCo's tent, although claims that it mistook the sounds of Colins snoring for it's distressed young are as yet unconfirmed. Either way, the beast had a point to prove and returned to camp in the middle of the night in order to trample Colin's BBQ.

Saturday evening saw more people arrive - the Brodys and their enormous mansion of a tent, PaulO and his bag-pipes, and Quasars friends (whose names I never even found out to my shame!), Shelltop put in an appearance and her lack of camping experience didn't show through at all! More barbeque action ensued, with much BBQ envy criss-crossing between ColinM and fatwomble, attempts at sabotage were made but colin couldn't maintain a healthy enough stream to truly dampen wombles coals. After an unpromising start fatwombles square BBQ managed to beat ColinM with some of Colin's "knights of the round BBQ" defecting to the warmer of the two. Plenty of toasted marshmallows were enjoyed, although poor old womble stuck by his vegetarian principles and therefore missed out.

Sunday mornings peaceful contemplation of one-ness with nature was cruelly shattered by the sound of PaulO strangling his cat giving us a jaunty tune on the bag'o'pipes.

All in all a great weekend, so thanks to Womble for organising it, and kudos to those who braved the cold evenings.

Roll on next year, and Salty Balls.

One mystery remains - just why was wombles daughter dragging that stick around, and where was she going with it?

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