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September 26, 2008

The Fordos Files

Hampshire is lucky to be the home county of one Mr Robert Ford, the celebrated SELOC diarist, artist and now it seems, historian.

Several months spent poring over transcipts, historical documents and microfiches has resulted in a stunning piece of research the likes of which the world has never seen - the true story of how Hampshire came to adopt the Red S as its emblem. This revelation turns accepted wisdom on its head, and caused Mr Wiki to contemplate quietly departing from the Lotus scene.

Verified by Hugh Trevor-Roper the Fordos files have been brought to you, despite great interest from rival Stern magazine, by the Hampshire section.

Presented in pictorial format so that interlopers from Sussex can follow the story, may we present the first of the Fordos Files.

Fordos Files #1

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September 22, 2008

Will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?

Maybe not, but we've got the next best thing. Stewpot, the Hampshire Halibut, the Petersfield Piranha, the SELOC Salmon is off on another one of his adventures and this time he's roped in other nutca...I mean volunteers.

Fresh, or otherwise, from his 10 mile swim "10 miles for Joe" he and his team are now embarking on an even longer swim "2 Swim 4 Life"

Every hour, on the hour, each of the partipants will swim a mile. 24 miles in 24 hours. Thats just over 32 lengths of an Olympic size swimming pool every hour, or just over 64 lengths of the one you splash about in down the gym. Seven hundred and seventy two lengths of the pool, per competitor. To put it even further into perspective this is over twelve times the distance Mr Wiki is capable of driving without getting lost.

This effort is all in aid of supporting Action Duchenne, a charity that works to support research into, and make life better, for people with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a muscle wasting condition that sees young boy's muscles gradually become weaker and their life expectancy cut horribly short.

What can you do to support? Well the event is taking place at High Wycombe Sports Centre starting at 9am on Saturday October 4th. I'm sure if you can make it along to support Stewpot, the Selocers (H20, Blaster, LAZy, BadJelly, qsilver911, nickduce, bazza990) and non-selocers too your support would mean the world to them, especially through the night. You might even think about sponsoring this motley crue, you can do so via their justgiving page .

Good luck Stewart and all those who are taking part in this crazy endeavour.

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This one time, at Hamp-Camp

Dig out your woggle and polish your primus, Hampshire are going camping!

For those of you that think the Hampshire region has been a bit Fleet-centric recently this is the event for you as it's taking place in the deepest, darkest and most southerly reaches of Hampshire.

Fatwomble has suggested Roundhill campsite in the New Forest, and since it's occuring this weekend it's low season prices too.

There are plans afoot for a BBQ each evening, so bring your favourite bangers'n'baps or if you're "one of those" you can bring some delicious textured meat substitute. We'll find an affable boozer if the weather turns inclement.

Uncle Bulgaria will be there from Friday evening through to Sunday, but if you're only to make one of the nights you'll still be welcome - FleetLocers Brody and Beak will be doing just this, arriving on the Saturday.

There's loads to see and do in the New Forest, plenty of walking or cycling to be had, maybe a bit of pony trekking and it probably isn't too hard to find some good driving roads.

Of course, if you simply must have something petrol related in your weekend then Beaulieu motor museum is most conveniently close by.

HampCamp - 26th-28th September at Roundhill Campsite, New Forest.
Contact Fatwomble for more info.
Please note the dates above may differ from what you read here before - number blindness struck again, this event is this weekend - Fri-Sun 26th-28th Sep. Please let Fatwomble know if you plan to attend.

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September 21, 2008

Come in number 95, your time is up

After a lengthy period of Lotus Elise S2 ownership (you can read that as "I don't know how long he's had his car") Hampshire's own Mr Wiki has decided it's time to move on from stage one of Lotus ownership.

Goodbye Number 95

All is not lost however, in fact you could say that Wiki's seen the light. Welcome to the fold Wiki:

As most of you probably know Gareth relinquished regional liasion duties to Mark and Alex some months ago, and now has passed me the reins of the blog. I'm sure that everyone who has attended a Hampshire monthly meet in 2008 will join me in thanking Wiki for re-energising the Hampshire section, and I'm sure we'll still be seeing him at future events.

Hopefully between us Fatwomble, Beak and I (plus many other helpers!) will be able to build on what Mr Wiki has started.

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