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September 21, 2008

Come in number 95, your time is up

After a lengthy period of Lotus Elise S2 ownership (you can read that as "I don't know how long he's had his car") Hampshire's own Mr Wiki has decided it's time to move on from stage one of Lotus ownership.

Goodbye Number 95

All is not lost however, in fact you could say that Wiki's seen the light. Welcome to the fold Wiki:

As most of you probably know Gareth relinquished regional liasion duties to Mark and Alex some months ago, and now has passed me the reins of the blog. I'm sure that everyone who has attended a Hampshire monthly meet in 2008 will join me in thanking Wiki for re-energising the Hampshire section, and I'm sure we'll still be seeing him at future events.

Hopefully between us Fatwomble, Beak and I (plus many other helpers!) will be able to build on what Mr Wiki has started.

Posted by Mr Wiki at September 21, 2008 09:14 PM