March 01, 2016

Welcome to the Central Southern region of SELOC

This blog aims to keep a rough record of events for the Central Southern region and a few photo's and fun descriptions of some of our favourite events.

Please check the forums here for further details on events near you.

If you're new to Lotus ownership or have not been to a meet before then why not give it a go! New faces are always well received, we are all very friendly and you can be sure of a warm welcome, an enjoyable time and plenty of laughs too!

If you would like more information on the Central Southern region, have queries on any of the events listed below, like to put forward an idea for this blog or even suggest a future event please e-mail the Regional Liaison volunteers at

We hope to see you at an event soon!

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May 24, 2011

Hants V Surrey Activity Day - 22/5/11

We all like to see how our car would perform on the track and take it closer to its limits than the roads will allow, so it was decided an activity day at North Weald (with a certain Mr Walsh - thank you carlimits) was in order with a nice little twist being the competition between two regions of SELOC.

Then...... purely i believe to make people look silly, our ultimate-organisers 'GingerS1' and 'Pinkie' made it fancy dress for all involved which caused some interesting looks throughout the day - especially lunchtime at the pub!!

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May 19, 2011

Regional Meet - May 2011

Regional meets take place every month at various venues throughout our region and its always nice to catch up with familiar faces and hopefully at times some new faces too!!

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February 23, 2010

Odiham Track Day - 21/02/10

The first 'local' track day event of 2010 seemed to go very well with Hampshire and friends all warming their tyres and endeavouring to dry the slightly damp track.

The heavens were threatening to open during most of the day with the odd shower of rain every hour or so - but only enough to keep some standing water on the odd corner and the length of the straight (proving for some 'interesting' testing of the elise windscreen wiper under braking nearing the first corner of the track for most drivers).

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January 05, 2010

Hampshire Activity List 2010

As usual the New Year has started slowly with everyone just getting to grips with having to work for a living but the meet's and runs are starting to be planned for the coming year!!

This list will (hopefully) be a good list of all of the event's / runs / meets that have taken place or will be taking place in 2010 - ideally updated as soon as an event is created.

If you're reading this having not been to a meet before and you can see one you quite fancy - give it a bash!! come and meet the Hampshire faces, they're all very friendly and you're guaranteed a nice reception, a good time and a good few laughs thrown in as well.

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June 10, 2009

Regional Meet - Jun 09

Here's an idea.. if you set up a monthly meet, it would be helpful if people could find it. I would be even more helpful if you could find it.

And so we arrived 30 mins late, clutches (and clunges?) smoking, to our very own June meet. Next time I'll bring the sat nav, thanks Brody.

We had a very good turnout, as usual, for Hampshire, so it was good to see all the regular faces, even if one of those faces stole my fish.

We were also all very impressed with Subby's new S1 Exige with On/Off sticker.. something we think all Loti should have as standard, not to mention his Fleet Elite GB sticker... I hope someone got a picture of that.

But, of course, the big question on everyone's mind was... where was Mr Wiki ? Apparantly Basingstoke is a little too close to Fleet. Come back Mr Wiki, we love you.

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May 27, 2009

Five go mad in Dorset...

Notax invited Hampshire out to play on one of his club events (Bournemouth and District Car Club) , a Slalom at Blanford Army camp on the 10th May.

Assuming it would be just like an Activity day beak, brody and fatwomble joined notax and miss notax, full of confidence. However we were alerted to how serious the event was being taken when we spotted the regulars all walking the course. Once we received our route plans we realised why, . By now our confidence was ebbing somewhat. The need for Co Divers had been discussed, the notaxes were co driving for each other, brody had brought a friend and quasar had volunteered to pax for fatwomble, that just left a victim volunteer for beak. Luckily there were no trees close to the course and a very brave huey stepped up to the mark.

Code words were discussed and agreed for certain situations and a certain cone was named Eric.

We were given the advice that driving franticly with lots of tyre smoke isn't normally the quickest way. With that in mind most of us set off in a cloud of tyre smoke and continued in this fashion for the remainder of the day.

With 8 runs before lunch and a further 6 after there was plenty of action, over the day the relationship between driver and co driver evolved to the point when it was realised that the driver paid no attention unless the co driver was shouting.

I was sobering to see an old MG Midget putting in the same times as a Honda'd Elise, a little more practice needed our part I think.

The final scores show that consistency and care win out over the more exuberant style that some were trying.

Finals scores left miss notax as the first of the Lotus and 1st lady driver, brody came a credible 3rd , we won't mention the others.

The day ended on a sad note though when we realised that Eric had been run over RIP Eric :(.

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May 19, 2009

FleetLOC invades the Netherlands...

Much like '40 the Dutch stopped resisting within hours...

On the eve of Friday last week FleetLOC (minus 'I can go anytime I want because I'm retired' Colin M and 'I havent given you a good excuse why I've gone early' SC-009) set off for a grand journey across the water of the white cliffs, towards the Inn of Many Beers.

As we were driving up to the ferry terminal (and note, next year I'll be taking the tunnel, 2 hours on a boat each way is just not worth the £50 you save) an orange Evora pulled in behind us... much to our surprise...

We got to talking to the driver, Bert, during the trip and invited him to join us at Cloggy Bash 09. We then all non-voyed to Antwerp, in what is probably the first Elise/Evora non-voy in history. Go us. Bert very kindly showed up on Saturday afternoon and a number of us did pax rides in the car. I'm sure you can find a thread about it somewhere, if you really tried.

Despite the lateness of our arrival, we still managed a grand entrance, in proper Hampshire style...

..and sat down to the first of many, many, many beers. Big, cold, Dutch, yummy, golden beers. Hmmmmmm. Beer.

Saturday morning, at the crack of 10ish, started with breakfast, in local dress, to respect the culture of this fine, flat, land.

Unfortunately they weren't serving beer at breakfast, something I've been reliably informed will be corrected for next year. The afternoon's activity consisted of Brody and Porker getting ultra competitive, loads of cows and cow shit, Porker losing a Tag in a field, more cow shit, some balls, some clogs and cow shit. A good time was had by all, but mostly by the cows.

The evening can really only be told in the form of Hollywood style flash backs...

scary ice queen
ice cubes
missbrody on a bouncy castle
missbrody not on a bouncy castle?
tattoos on foreheads
thoughts about scary ice queen
some orange drink the cute bar maid served me
the cute bar maid
long giraffe shaped float
Ralf almost getting into a fist fight with Julie

Sunday. Something about driving home. Not sure, its all a bit vague.

See you next year !! Beak.

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March 23, 2009

The Fleetloc Fun Weekend!

Ah, Monday. The day after all the fun has been had.

We had an awesome weekend. It started Friday night with beer and curry. Much drinking was done by most, with some (whom shall remain nameless, but is best known for their love of watersports) managing to pull the local bar skank. Well done subaqua. Whoops.

Dragging our curried carcasses from bed on Saturday morning we managed to meet at 8 am (well, some of us did, Brody) at the FleetLOC rendezvous point for an excellent run to Loomies, roof off.. oh, and we had our first caravan overtake session of the year too. We're looking forward to many, many more of those. At no point did beak do any dangerous over taking, contrary to popular belief.

We then headed to BoT to be representin' or whatever it is that the young kids do these days. After standing around for an hour or so, listening to certain people complain that they were bored and needed to pee we slapped our new BoTLOC stickers on. Naturally we made sure not to put them on straight, so to best represent BoTLOC. Don't worry, manly, straight FleetLOC stickers are on their way. As soon as Brody has designed them. And had them printed. So, expect them soon. Late 2011. Apparantly BoTLOC are going to be offering logo'd t-shirts and tea cups. So we, at FleetLOC, will be offering logo'd wifebeaters and pint glasses. With beer in them. Grr.

We hopped back into the cars and moved on to B&C, where we spent considerable time drooling over, and poking, the new Evora.

First impressions here:

Sunday was an early start again, as we mosied on over to Virginia Waters, in a rather impressive convoy. Highlight of the show has to be the 'monster truck'...

Pics here... /%20VIDEO%27S

As for the rest of Sunday? Well apparantly it was mother's day, so we're going to petition the government to move that to a more convenient time, perhaps October, and not a nice sunny Sunday in March. Idiots.

As for whats coming up, other than the monthly meets (the next monthly meet will be annouced soon)...

  • There's an Easter special Suz/Hams/Berks borders meet on the 4th April... bring the kids, apparantly the Easter bunny will be making some droppings. That doesnt sound right.
  • There will be another brekkie run soon, probably towards the end of April...
  • (Miss)Notax has organized a slalom event in early May, all cars are welcome...
  • The Cloggy Bash is also in May (FleetLOC nonvoy has been organized)
  • June sees us attending SelocFest... camping, drinking and more camping. Fatwomble and his team of crack, eh, 'engineers' are currently working on the Hampshire kart entry. I'm still waiting for my lunch invitation.
  • Following this will be the Llandow Calrissian track day on 27th June...
  • We'll be heading to Yorkshire in early July which will be the same weekend as the Frimley Green Carnival. I know where I'd rather be. Barbados.
  • The last thing on the calendar, at the moment, is the Elvetham Heath car show, on the 19th of July.

More stuff might be happening in August, but I'm going on holiday, so sod you lot.

We will be organizing FleetLOC name stickers for your car, for a nominal fee. We used these last year, for the SelocFest and looked like this:

If you're interested drop us a u2u and let us know...

Don't forget to set your clocks forward on the 29th!

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March 11, 2009

The New, New Lotus Eco Elise

Concept art released by Fordos...

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February 02, 2009

Big Run To Little Chef

Big Run to Little Chef - By Fatwomble

How could we pass up a chance to take a drive out to Popham to sample the new menu devised by Heston Bluminhell.

16 Cars turned up in a Winchester lay-by on a cold Sunday morning ready to take the scenic route there. The pace was restrained due to the sub zero start (complaints were received for certain parties that I was going too slow, however I didn't have traction control on my car so favoured discretion over valour).

The roads however were clear and good progress was made by all, although some obviously felt my route was too short and took a diversion via Petersfield and Winchester before finally arriving at the restaurant (Huey and Mrs Huey).

Everyone else got there without incident other than the 5 lead cars which ended up on someone's driveway having followed the wally in front.

As for the new Little Chef experience, the food was not bad (other than the strange glass like bits in Stuarts breakfast) and the service was pretty good other than the waitress who accused Fordos of telling her we didn't want the coffees we had ordered (even though she hadn't even approached us).

Not sure if it was the omlette I had but I was rather ill in the evening, I think though in future we will stick with Loomies.

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January 05, 2009

So this is Christmas...

Christmas in Hampshire

This year our Christmas was organised by Quasar (who needs Father Christmas) and what a good job he did. The venue was situated in the picturesque market town of Alton (I have no evidence to back this statement up as it was dark).

We arrived to find Dave doing carpark duties or having a fag, not sure which. Having been inexplicably beeped by a Lexus we made our way in for pre meal drinkies, only to be joined by the Lexus driver himself, Mr Wiki. Having procured drinks we took a comfy seat to listen to Wiki extol the virtues of driving a Lexus for the next half hour (he is obviously easily impressed)

Very soon all the attendees arrived, the staff and the hotel were very impressive, the head man being a cross between Basil Fawlty and The Major. Barely had our bottoms touched the seat before the starter arrived. At this point Wiki realised his error as he was the only person who did not choose a starter (despite the meal being a fixed price!), Colin Chapman would however have been proud of this weight saving option.

Much photo taking was in evidence during the meal, Beak at one stage taking pictures of his moobs (we can only hope that these never get a public viewing). We can also confirm that yo can get twin Lotus condoms.

Once the eating was done the Disco was fired up. Dancing was lead by the Northern Ireland disco dancing Championship runner up - our very own Colin M.

A giant Mr Wiki soon hit the dance floor.

Party poppers, who would have though that something as simple as some paper streamers could be so much fun.

Those of us not staying made an early departure, Wiki to go to the pictures (bad planning there Gareth) and Mrs FW and I to let the baby sitters go home.

Report by Fatwomble.

More pictures can be found here -

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December 01, 2008

brumming for breakfast - an account by beak

having confused most members with the title and then further putting them off by not releasing any details until about 10 hours before the run started our second little breakfast run was off to a quiet start.

our little nonvoy of 3 cars (yes folks, 3 cars) left De Hav at 8.15 and promptly headed to the nearest petrol station, where 2/3rds of us filled up with some of Shell's finest. thats Shell, the petrol brand, before you get any ideas.

our route took us along some very nice roads, which we will definitely be using again. the A339 is particularly recommended, but try to avoid petrol tankers and puddles on the A31/32. it turns out these can be bad for your health.

we were joined en-route by Paul O, who, using his crafty plod skillz, was hiding behind a roundabout or something equally sinister, so I didnt notice him till after I'd almost had a tanker-puddle-lotus interface.

Huey was kind enough to grace us with his presence for a cuppa and chinwag, after which we all, bellies filled, went our separate ways.

this is a nice little route, takes about an hour and ends with a good breakfast, so we'll definitely be doing it again !

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November 30, 2008

We do like to be beside the seaside (as told by fatwomble)

So much so that we decided to hold the November Meet in Southsea. Zak made the suggestion of Mozzarella Joes right on the seafront and as we had been neglecting the Pompy crowd a date was fixed.

I arrived early to check out the sights, having not been to the amusements for about 23 years I quickly found that I had not been missing anything.

Despite 18 people signing up, we ended up with a more intimate group of 10, the service was a little on the slow side but the food was good.

For those of you not of a nautical nature you may not have been aware that the QE2 was making her last voyage to Dubai were she will be turned into a floating hotel, therefore there were plenty of people about waiting for her to go by. After a couple of false alerts when a passenger ferry went by we finally got to see the QE2, unfortunately nowhere near the shore (I think the Captain may have been a little over cautious having grounded the ship on a sandbank earlier).

All too soon the evening draw to a close and we all tried to pay our bits of the bill, just after Beak and the Brodys left the proprietor rushed outside desperately searching for someone, who gave that duff £20.

There won't be a meet in December as we have the Christmas meal on the 13th, normal service will resume in January.

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic attendance we have had since the first meeting at Ashurst, lets hope we can keep up the momentum next year.

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November 13, 2008

The Activity Day

A write up of a recent activity day at North Weald, brought to you by Brody:

October 31st saw another Activity Day being held exclusively for SELOC members at North Weald Airfield under the watchful eye of Mr Walsh. The day started with various groups meeting up and planning a coordinated mid-route rendezvous, as you can imagine this did not happen. I met Mr Wiki at Fleet services, unfortunately I was dressed as Venom (Spiderman's evil alter-ego) which made filling up with petrol interesting to say the least! There was an element of fancy dress to the day with other notable costumes being GingerS1 in his work get up of camouflage and an AK47 (he tells me it was decommissioned but only after he'd pointed it at me) and Pinkie and Subaqua getting dressed up for the occasion in their best Burberry and tracksuit bottoms to fulfil their aim of appearing even more chav-like than normal, impressively they pulled it off.

Mr Wiki started the day with drama of his own, his boot lid was stuck (the latch, not the cable) which meant that for the first ten minutes Venom was wedging a number plate into the boot of a Lotus Elise trying to get it open. Admit it, you wish you were there. Having released the boot lid and retrieved Mr Wiki's tool kit (what good is that in a boot that gets stuck?), TomTom, stereo etc. we set off on our own little two man nonvoy up to North Weald. Having both thought that the other was taking it easy we made leisurely pace but arrived with plenty of time to spare, unfortunately given that airfields have a habit of being open and flat (resulting in the temperature being rather low) my Venom costume showed itself to be lacking in padding in the one area I most wanted (and some might say needed!) it, thankfully, after the debrief things heated up as the driving began.

The morning was made up of the High Speed corner which is essentially each driver approaching the main runway down a slip road and turning on to the runway as fast as they could without either spinning it or crossing the centre drain which was an imaginary wall. Doing Hampshire proud I was probably last however before you give me too much stick take a look at the photo of my rear tyres, slick would be an understatement and they were like that before I'd even started! Mr Wiki, Pinkie, Subaqua and GingerS1 to name but a few all had their fair share of spins and successes and fun was had by all.

Next up was lunch which should have been a simple affair, leave the airfield, drive to a local pub, eat and return. I wont comment too much except to say that some people went to the wrong pub and others went to the wrong pub via a dead end. Picture this, twenty odd Loti doing a three point turn down a dead end! Thankfully the majority of us made it to the correct pub in time to eat, drink and share stories of the morning's events. Oh and we sent a nice video message to Beak letting him know what he was missing as he was supposed to attend but a last minute meeting at work blocked his way!

The afternoon brought the most fun for me and I think others agreed, two circuits were set up and we all took it in turns to dodge cones (that's DODGE CONES Mr Wiki, not slide sideways into cones!) and complete a circuit as quickly as possible. This was far too much fun for it to be legal but I'm told it was all above board and as such it will have to be done again! Notable mention should go to Pinkie for her progressive improvement in timings resulting in a very good time (gotta be because she has a Supercharged and no other reason), GingerS1 for driving sideways everywhere both before a tyre change and afterwards (who'd have thought spinning on grass could be so much fun?), Subaqua for his wonder lap (where did he pull that one from, it was about 2 seconds quicker than his others I think!?) and of course I'm going to mention myself, having recorded the same time with every single effort, albeit a respectable one! The slick tyres that hampered me in the AM were working to my benefit in the PM as they made my car more than a little tale happy as the front tyres clung on, perfect for navigating your way around cones!

As daylight slowly faded away the activities drew to a close and we decided to have a little nonvoy home which resulted in us all getting split up yet again as a result of the traffic being horrendous down the M25 at 5:30 PM on a Friday (I can't understand why?). Thankfully my tyres survived the trip home, needless to say a big sigh of relief was breathed upon pulling into the garage! All in all it was a SUPERB day that has to be done by everyone, thanks to all for organising and participating, bring on the next one!

P.P.S. My Spiderman/Venom costume won me a free Activity Day next year, are you coming?!

Pinkie on the High Speed corner

GingerS1 on the High Speed corner

Subaqua on the High Speed corner

Me (Brody) on the afternoon circuit (outside)

Me (Brody) on the afternoon circuit again (inside)

Subaqua on the afternoon circuit

GingerS1 has some fun on the afternoon track!

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